The XO has been taken to the Erzin County of Tuva, Bulun-Bazhy village by my mom who grew up there and where her former classmate is the school’s principal. The computer has been briefly introduced to kids and teachers. Unfortunately, we forgot to supply a power converter so they were not able to charge it, and viewing time was cut short. Kids enjoyed figuring out how different apps work, and teachers expressed interest in supplying XOs to children in primary school.

Here are some issues that require some brainstorming:

– language of the XOs: does it have to be in Tuvan, Tuvan/Russian or Russian

– implementing XOs into the educational curriculum: will teachers create additional classes to introduce XOs

– financing of the project

– will the government and Ministry of Education be involved in this project

– if decided to translate software to Tuvan, who is going to be involved in that process and will the translation services be compensated (also have to consider that if translation to be done online, then the financing  of internet service must be provided)(nb: internet is still a luxury in Tuva and unlimited service is quite expensive – around $18/month)

– also, it would be interesting how the implementation went in other countries