It was the night when posters were due for the OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2011. Bruce Baikie was running this poster contest in the hopes that projects that couldn’t make it to the event or weren’t on the panels or presentations would have a chance at some visibility.

I had already submitted a poster for my India project, but something was bothering me. It had been a busy time organizing the event, but something was amiss. Then, at 1AM, I remembered. I had not submitted a poster for the OLPC Tuva effort! None of the people on our team (except me) were going to be in town to attend the event, so we had to have a poster. I got out of bed and pulled up my template from the India submission. A little reorganizing with a few boxes of text here and there, and the story started to emerge. How we actually got started. Why Tuva? Translations? Throat singers? Measuring the overtones of throat singers? Really? Blame it on the late night/early morning muses, but in a little while there emerged a new poster.

I needed some pictures. I got one from Olga’s uploads, took a screen shot of Stacey‘s translation work, and one from my own experiments with Measure and overtones of Kongar-ol Ondar, but I needed more. So, I grabbed TEDxCaltech’s video on Feynman and Tuva with Ondar’s performance, and because those videos are under a Creative Commons license, I was able to grab frames of Feynman’s sketch and Ondar’s performance for my poster. A little more tweaking in LibreOffice (yeah, we are all professionals here!) and I had a PDF ready for Bruce.  Here’s a photo of it, and a PDF is attached in its full glory.

OLPC Tuva Poster Contest

OLPC Tuva Poster Contest

The contest? We all won.