Today, I stumbled upon a photo of me with Kongar-ol Ondar, when he visited San Francisco some time ago. We had dinner that evening. It was a memorable evening, thanks to my good friends Phoebe and Ralph. I had listened to Ondar’s music, seen the documentary about him and Tuva, watched Feynman’s videos about Tuva, and even met Ondar’s daughter Khürgülek “KK” Ondar, so this was an evening I was looking forward to. Ondar’s face had a permanent smile on it 🙂 Language was broken on both sides, but nevertheless it was a fun evening. It was difficult to know what Ondar thought of our idea of sending OLPC XO laptops to Tuva, but it was cool that we had a few laptops there. A few months later, I found out that he had passed away.

Sameer with Ondar

Sameer With Ondar

Upon meeting KK once again after Ondar’s passing, I discovered that the laptops we had sent to Tuva  were in fact being used by kids, and Ondar had plans. He had taken some photos that Ralph shared with me. KK agreed to let me post these. Here’s one. In a word, beautiful.

Ondar with OLPC XO laptop